Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is the native language of between 470-500 million people worldwide making Spanish the second most widely spoken language in the world. Spanish is also the third most commonly spoken language on the Internet and the most tweeted!

My name is Kathy Kehoe, I have been tutoring Spanish  for more than  30 years and I pride myself on making my Spanish tuition  fun. Every one of my students is different which is why I tailor my Spanish tuition to meet their individual needs.

I cater for visual (learn by seeing), auditory (learn by hearing) and kinesthetic (learn by doing) learners and, in general, I find it beneficial to incorporate all of these learning approaches into a typical Spanish tuition lesson to keep it interesting and engaging.

Having Spanish tuition will diversify your social life and lead to greater career opportunities. I won't be happy until my Spanish tuition has allowed you to meet your Spanish  language learning objectives. 

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